I’m vary cautious about people obsessed with me. The following is a story about this one queen how copied my makeup back then.

Around early 2013, there was this one beginner queen who was copying my face structure. For context, I showed someone else how i did my makeup while she were walking around, looking occasionally. When she came up to me, she straight out told me that they did it like i did. Not only that, she kept on cutting in front of me when i walked somewhere, trying to prove something to me. It creeped me out so bad that i changed the way i did my make up. Even then, i noticed her makeup change a bit when i decided to do that. Thankfully she’s not around anymore due to stealing someone else’s make up. What a nightmare.

People, please do your own thing after you see someone teach you how to do makeup, unless you’re part of a drag family. 

Happy atm. My work has been showing. I’ve been loosing weight and all that good stuff. It will be a while till i hit my goal weight, but i’m so determined to get there. C’mon, community-collage weight goal. 



This video is about Skullgirls, butI’m putting this video in the Smash Bros tag, because I don’t think people quite realize how much work actually goes into making a game. I hear people all the time whine about how Assist Trophies are lazy and that Nintendo could just put in that little bit of extra work to make them playable. Because they “Have the model already” or whatever.

Honestly if you’re that naive and you really think that just take a look at this.

The amount of time, money, and effort that goes into even A SINGLE character is ENORMOUS. You think they just make the model like magicians and then animate their movesets and BOOM there they are? HELLLLL NO.

I guarantee you working on Palutena’s hair alone took MONTHS all by itself.

I’m not saying you can’t want your character in the game— I wanted Little Mac and Palutena and I got them. I’m DYING for Issac I HOPE he’s in—

But the roster is finalized, you can’t beg for characters to be added last minute, and you can’t get MAD when your favorite character (Waluigi, Takamaru, Saki, Midna, etc.) isn’t chosen to be playable. Get disappointed, fine, but not ANGRY. 

This is the reason only certian characters make the cut. Are they going to pick an INCREDIBLY popular character everyone will universally enjoy that has their own fanbase of games to sell to? Or are they gonna pick… Takamaru? The dude with that one game 2 decades ago that nobody outside Japan played?

It’s not like making a scrapbook where you just yank a model straight from the game and tweak it a little and BAM there’s your character. It takes ARMIES of artists and programmers to get a SINGLE ONE DONE. And we have almost 40 so far— Not counting people we know will be back, like Wario, Meta Knight, and Ganondorf, maybe G&W and Jiggs…

So many people in the SSB fanbase are SO fucking SPOILED.

Also, DLCs are possible on the wii U so there maybe more characters added in the future.